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Welcome To Surgical Specialty Staffing

The mission of Surgical Specialty Staffing is to provide highly qualified, well-rounded, devoted, seasoned contract workers to the operating room, outpatient surgery suite, or cardiac cath lab. My companions and I had the great pleasure of working in several places and networking with numerous individuals and institutions while traveling the country. Throughout this journey, we discovered that many facilities and even other travelers had encountered situations in which a perioperative department required not only a skilled contractor, but one who could perform specific tasks, but the agency did not recognize this and thus unknowingly placed a traveler, which quickly turned into an unpleasant experience for both parties.     Our objective is to work with travelers who have not only obtained expertise in their specialization or service, but have also learned what it means to be a "traveler" and what that may entail. In our own practice, both in the medical field and in business, we give experienced-backed, dependable, integrity-driven, enthusiastic care, and we hold our workers to the same level. Beginning with our founders and progressing through the ranks, each member of our team has been recommended by others within SSS for demonstrating remarkable talent, stamina, dedication, and professionalism.They must have at least two years of travel experience, have passed our face-to-face interview, and have completed an in-depth profile that highlights their genuine capabilities in addition to completing all on-boarding tests.​

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